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One of a Kind 50060D-X

Llamas, cats, wolves, pizza, macrons, burgers and hot dogs, oh my! Add fresh and funky prints to your novelty collection! Realistic and stylized prints make your projects fun and add that special touch. Make colorful I-SPY quilts using these one of a kind prints.Boys: Dinosaurs, robots, trucks and modern day role models (firemen, cowboys, astronauts) are terrific for a boy?s room or quilt.Girls: Mermaid adventures, cats, llamas and dinosaurs (in pretty pink) and the ever-elusive unicorn. These whimsical prints are a delight for your little girl. Animals: Whether you love indoor animals such as cats and dogs, or outdoor wildlife such as majestic eagles and howling wolves, these prints are perfect for any animal lover. 3 prints (deer, eagles and wolves) are printed as panels. Food: Beers and baseballs are not complete with out hot dogs, hamburgers and pizzas! Finish it off with a tasty dessert of macarons.19 skus. On sale October 2017. Delivery to stores March 2018.